Trap Niggas Soul team

Evans is an Ambitious hardworking rapper from Tzaneen in Bolobedu[Ga moleketla]  born in July 23 1998 and is the founder of Tnst,he also signed two Rappers by the name of JWayle  and Sleeze Izzy .Izzy became a prod of Tnst crew & rap Music became a part to all of them,Their main mission as rappers is to make their city  known.

Bee Kid Shared a stage with different Artist's like The Double Trouble[Janitso & Ck],Dr Malinga,Candy[tsamandebele],William Botha,Dj Jimaro,Pastor Tom,Lizzer Boy,Omee Otis, Black Town,Foks SA, Dj Noxzy, Ceephonic,Tuks,Erm Syxtin who Appeared on Etv SA got Talent & Many More. He becamed an inspiration to Young Kid's from Different places, Tnst crew Featured 2 Artist's in their Album by the name of Crazy to Kill it last year & they r all from Tzaneen in Bolobedu[Their name's, C boy Teanet,Dee Kay Sups] &  They also featured a Young upcoming Artist by the name of Megabyte from Nigeria in Lagos on their upcoming Album_Golden Moon.Megabyte  produce Pop & Trap Beats.

They also Featured a Famous Artist by the name of Lizzer Boy,Who produced a beat for them_They released a track by the name of Crazy & it  became a dope track to everyone.

When a prayer becomes your habit, Miracles become your lifestyle.[Tnst]

Music became his best friend ,he can't go a day without listening to Inspirational song's. Tnstcrew Released a nice Album in a year 2016 by the name of Crazy to kill it the album was having 8 track's on it .1:Hustle hard

2:Hakuna Mathata

3:No Worries

4:Rasphenda Mali

5:Rand's Nd Rex

6:Gosafela Pelo

7:Double Crossing


They even managed to go for an interview @GT FM 104.8 last year November & December of this Album Crazy to kill it.Only 4 Tracks managed to be played on Air because they were nice,No Vulgar words,They even managed to make CD's.Double crossing Reached 450 downloads ,People from Different villages & Countries became Tnst fans.Rand's Nd Rex once Took Number 13 on Top 30 @GT Fm ,Hustle hard & No worries got a chance to be on a playlist of love cafe on GT FM 104.8.

"Word's from Tnstcrew Members, We are trying to make an History no time for game's" They performed @different places more than 8 of Them last year ,He once had a chat with A.Reece "Words from him,Keep on pushing" He said that he will never forget those kinda word's.he was trying his best luck's he even had a chat with a Nigerian Star by the name of Wiz kid.

"word's from them,with God's grace we can achieve our goal's"

Bee Kid @GT Fm representing Tnst Crew along with other's, Goodwill, Mashudu,Lesego & Morongwa last year December

[Hustling continue]

Bee Kid & HopeStar @GT FM,Hope star became Tnst member this year and The founder of the team decided to organize an interview for him,so that his music can be heard on Radio too.Tnst crew founder Bee Kid he's working too hard.